Company organisation

Organisation of the company

Metria is a state-owned limited company since May 1st 2011. Initially Metria was a division within the National ‎Land Survey. The Treasury department represents the Swedish states shares at Metria’s Annual general meeting ‎and nominates the board members in Metria.‎

Metria Ltd adheres to the ownership policy of the Swedish state.‎

Metria’s company organisation is founded on the sets of rules and structure set out by the Swedish Companies ‎Act, other Swedish legislation, the states rules of ownership, the Swedish rules for company organisations and ‎Metria’s corporation charter.‎

The company’s organisation emanates also from an internal framework such as the Board’s rules of procedures, ‎instructions for the managing directors and rules of procedure including a certification of records and other ‎internal policies and instructions.‎

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